AriArk’s Timeline

The history of AriEns on AriArk is a remarkable story that spans thousands of years and is filled with innovation, exploration, and cultural evolution. This AriArk timeline will take you through key milestones in AriArk history, from earliest ancestors to the present.

Key Points

AriEns is a humanoid creature inhabiting Planet AriArk.

BAE stands for “Before Ari Era.”

AAE stands for “After Ari Era.”

Prehistoric Era

2.5 Million Years Ago

  • Ketasi, one of the earliest relatives of AriEns, appears in Quati Continent on AriArk. They use tools, marking the beginning of AriEns’ innovation.

1.8 Million Years Ago

  • Netus emerges, displaying a more human-like stature and advanced tool use.

200,000 Years Ago

  • AriEns, which look like modern humans-like animals, first appeared in Quati Continent on AriArk.

Ancient Civilizations

12,000 BAE (Before Ari Era)

  • The agricultural revolution began in the Quati Continent, and AriEns transitioned from nomadic lifestyles to settled communities.

5,500 BAE (Before Ari Era)

  • Busians People developed writing (cuneiform) in Zolotia; they laid the foundation for recorded history on AriArk.

4,600 BAE (Before Ari Era)

  • Ancient Lobatian built the Guzati Architect, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient AriArk.

2750 BAE (Before Ari Era)

  • In AriArk history, the first recorded Sports and Games were held in ancient Jumali.

Classical Period

2,480 BAE (Before Ari Era)

  • Kublius, Lutsha, and other philosophers shaped Muitaz, Buidia, and other countries in the Busia continent’s moral and philosophical landscape.

2,025 BAE (Before Ari Era)

  • The assassination of King Mulior marks a turning point in the Besian history.

1,980 BAE (Before Ari Era)

  • The unification of Muitaz under the Bun Dynasty.

1,520 BAE (Before Ari Era)

  • The fall of the Ximan Empire in the West marks the end of ancient history.

Middle Ages

1,360 BAE (Before Ari Era)

  • Qulat’s emergence and the Bumic Empire’s expansion.

910 BAE (Before Ari Era)

  • The Battle of Hastings led to the Winman Conquest of Bukand by Buliam the Conqueror.

650 BAE (Before Ari Era)

  • The Black Death swept across the Bukat Continent, reducing the continent’s population by millions.

The Renaissance and Exploration

520 BAE (Before Ari Era)

  • The fall of Korple marked the end of the Lutine Empire and sparked the Renaissance in the Bukat Continent.

490 BAE (Before Ari Era)

  • Purakius reached the Urates by the ocean, initiating a new era of exploration and colonization.

The Modern World

207 BAE (Before Ari Era)

  • The Uraki Revolution resulted in the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the Urates.

80 BAE (Before Ari Era)

  • QuiWar I established The Fulian Revolution, which led to the establishment of the Biliet Union.

38 BAE (Before Ari Era)

  • QuiWar II’s end led to the AriOns’ founding and the dawn of the Atomic Age.

14 BAE (Before Ari Era)

  • Akito, the travel rocket, landed on the AriYon (one of the moons of AriArk), marking a giant leap for AriEns exploration.

Contemporary Era

7 AAE (After Ari Era)

  • AriEns Invented AriWeb and AriNet, revolutionizing communication and information-sharing.
  • Dissolution of the Biliet Union.

38 AAE (After Ari Era)

  • The Virus pandemic sweeps across the globe, impacting lives and economies.

Present Day

  • AriEns faces many challenges, including climate change, technological advancement, and geopolitical shifts, as it continues its journey through the times.

This timeline provides a glimpse into the vast tapestry of AriEns history on Planet AriArk, highlighting key moments that have shaped our world. As AriEns move forward, the story of AriEns continues to evolve, with each generation contributing to the ongoing narrative of our species on this remarkable planet.