About AriArk

Welcome to AriArk, a realm of imagination crafted by the visionary creator Arifur Rahman. Within the pages of AriArk, you’ll embark on a journey into a world of comics and graphic novels, where stories come to life in vivid detail.

Unveiling AriArk

AriArk isn’t just a collection of stories—it’s a labor of love where every tale is penned and brought to life by the same hand: that of Arifur Rahman himself. As both the writer and illustrator, Arifur Rahman’s artistic vision permeates every corner of this captivating universe.

AriArk: A World of Fantasy

Imagine a distant, fictional planet tucked away in the furthest reaches of our galaxy—that’s AriArk. It’s a place born from the vivid depths of Arifur Rahman’s imagination. He has masterfully visualized various stories within its boundaries, each hailing from a unique time and civilization within AriArk.

The Origin of the Name AriArk

AriArk’s name holds a special significance. The “Ari” in AriArk is a nod to Arifur Rahman’s first name, a personal touch that connects the creator to his creation. The “Ark” is borrowed from the Norwegian word “Ark,” meaning a square piece of paper. However, it carries multiple layers of meaning in English. It evokes images of the biblical ark—a vessel built by Noah to preserve life during a great flood. It also resonates with nautical imagery, symbolizing a ship or boat. From the perspective of invertebrates, it conjures the image of a small bivalve mollusk attached to rocks. Farming might bring to mind a low hut for housing livestock. This rich tapestry of interpretations reflects the depth and diversity within AriArk’s stories.

A Bilingual Journey

AriArk is a project transcending language barriers, presented bilingually in Norwegian and English. Arifur Rahman recognizes that fiction and fantasy, at their core, are firmly rooted in the foundation of reality. This bilingual approach opens the door for a broader audience to partake in the magic of AriArk.

Drawing from Reality

The most fantastical tales often draw inspiration from the real world. Arifur Rahman’s stories are no exception. Some narratives are born from his experiences, thoughts, and personal views. Others take root in actual events, providing an imaginative spin on historical sequences or literary sources. The artworks, literature, music, and films that have colored Arifur Rahman’s life have also sown the seeds of inspiration for many of the stories that grace the pages of AriArk.

Your Voice in AriArk

AriArk isn’t just a creation; it’s an open invitation. If you have an idea or a thought you’d like to share, Arifur Rahman encourages you to reach out through the contact page. Your input and creativity are valued in this ever-expanding universe, and Arifur Rahman is always eager to listen to your ideas and thoughts.